Sanitary attention
Medical office in the Center of Health of the quarter of Las Cuevas, Roiz. Telephone 942 70 80 82. For more serious cases is come to the Hospital of Sierrallana in Torrelavega, to 25 Km. which gives service to the whole region. The most next pharmacy is in Treceño, to approximately six kilometers of La Concha. Pharmacy Aja Solano C/La Plaza, 33 tel. 942 70 98 93.

Bank services
A bank of Caja Cantabria in Las Cuevas, Roiz, tel. 942 70 93 05 and a Banco Español de Credito in Treceño, tel. 942 70 50 35. For other banking institutions it will be necessary to bring Cabezon de la Sal or S. Vicente de la Barquera.

In the quarter of La Cocina, Roiz, in the same crossing of highways along with the bowling alley, finds the bar - shop 'Calixto ' to 3 Km. of La Concha. Butcher's shop and supermarket in Treceño.

Gas stations
The most nearby in Treceño, Tel. 942 70 50 00.

Dairy ' La Ganceduca '. In the quarter la Ganceda (Roiz) to 1 km. It produces the richest cheese prepared with milk of sheep. Tel. 942 741 137

Religious services
The parish of Roiz, in the quarter of La Vega, to 1 km. That it is possible to see from the north part of the house. It celebrates masses ordinarily every Sunday at 11:30. To announce the celebration of the mass three times touch themselves the bells before beginning.

To eat well

Restaurant EL ENCUENTRO in La Revilla, to 7 kms. (10 min.) tfno: 942 71 02 62.
CASA COFIÑO in Caviedes, to 5 km. It is necessary to reserve earlier in the tel. 942 70 80 46.

Ambulant selling

BAKERS: Every day from Monday until Sunday 2 bakers come in the morning to the village.
FROZEN: On Friday morning.
BUTCHER: On Friday morning.
FISHMONGER: On Tuesday morning.
WINE VAULT: On Tuesday morning.