The Celtic tradition tells, that his name alludes to the grounds of growing, the stone and the bears. She was a goddess of the waters, of the ground and of these animals, uniting the potency of the aquatic world, the fecundity of the vegetable world and the animal force of the bear. In fact, in Switzerland it wasfound a statue where she is represented under a tree, opposite to a bear and with a glass and fruits in his hands.

Ritual of Pick up Druid:
We approach the plant that we want to pick up, and we will kneel down ahead its, while we stroke his sheets, his stem, his branches, and the ground in which it grows, and we will say these words:

            I greet you walnut my friend (or name of the stated plant)
you that you grow in fertile ground,
gift of Adartia;
you that you receive the caresses of Lug,
in each of your sheets;
you that you obtain the water,
that fills the boiler;
you that you stroke the air,
and you purify it entirely.
only I ask for you,
if this is what you wish,
that you come with me.
Spirits of of the place,
that you preserve the life of this ground,
allow me to take
this being that it shuts up
a power without measure