In this isolated and small paradise we will be able to enjoy the calm and the calmness in contact a exhuberant nature, observing the flora (beech groves, oak groves, gall oaks, chestnut-trees) and fauna (deer, roebucks, wild board, foxes, and in the most remote and solitary zones, is frequent the presence of the wolf, and occasionally, of the bear. Between the birds there are the vulture, the owl, the grouse and the real eagle, although they are easier to see the kestrel and the kite), realizing activities as trekking:

Comillas-La Rabia(GRL-49) :: Oyambre(GRL-50) ::Oyambre-Merón(GRL-51)

Merón - San Vicente(GRL-52) ::Comillas (PRL-50) :: Monte Corona(PRL-51)

Ria La Rabia (PRL-52) :: Ruta de la Revilla(PRL-53) ::

Marisma de Rubin (PRL-54) :: Pombo(PRL-55) :: Sierra de Jerra(PRL-56)

mountain bike, routes on horseback, kayak, parapente, hunting and fishing, golf:
- Santa Marina Golf, La Revilla , S. Vicente de la B. tel. +34 942 71 22 48, Holes:18 Par: 76
- Oyambre Area Golf, S. Vicente de la B. tel. +34 606 45 98 41 , Holes:9 Par: 62

- Rovacías Golf, in Comillas. tel. +34 942 72 04 70 Hoyos: 9, Par:34
Going towards the coast we will enjoy the landscape and ecological wealth of the Oyambre Nature Reserve (to 8 minutes) It is a protected space with exceptional ecosystems as salt marshes, rivers mouths, sandbanks and beaches, cliffs and deciduous forest.

Not far from there, we will be able to walk for extensive forest reservation of the Corona Mount in the shade of birches, beeches, American oaks and sequoias, that provide, in the spring months, summer and especially the autumn, surprising colorings.

We can gain access to beaches as that of Comillas, aristocratic town for tradition; the rustic beach of Meron (in S. Vicente de la B.) that remains still kept away from the overcrowding of people; the beah of Cobreces (Alfoz de Lloredo) between cliffs who recalls ancient histories of shipwrecks; the beach of La Rabia in the mouth of its river and the beach of Oyambre, of the most beautiful of the region, of 2500 m. the beach of 2500 m. in that extends big area of dunes around it that forms the nature reserve of the same name.
We will be able to visit the cave of El Soplao, that it is considered the jewel of the underground patrimony and magnificent due to its "eccentric" formations. Tel: 34 902 82 02 82 - from Monday until Sunday from 10 until 14 hours and from 16 hours until 20 hours.

To 50 Kms you can visit The Cabarceno Nature Park. (virtual visit )

To 20 Kms you can visit the famous Altamira Cave and New Altamira Museum.




Rabia's Beach


Rabia's River
Soplao's Cave      
Altamira Cave and New Altamira Museum